My creative process always borders on chaos and confusion. Always verging on losing oneself. There are no methods or rules established; a thought is taken from a book, a text, a file or even a personal note. I use lists of keywords and maps as tools in order to clarify my ideas, and to organize my thoughts. With these processes several paths are opened; sometimes ideas not yet formed lead me to consider new possibilities and/or new experiments.  I am encouraged by an eclectic list of artists who write, musicians who draw, writers who play music, film directors who act and so on. I accept my chaotic way of working with different projects and medias at the same time, enjoying the mistakes and learnings along the way. It is an option, a choice, for intensity and even exhaustion.

While it requires energy, it also requires patience and stillness. It requires persistence, and learning by doing. The act of creating something anchored on conceptual motivation, articulating new possibilities with the use of chance, randomness and system, and not media-driven, allows me to explore new surroundings where a range of unforeseen possibilities emerge.


Malvina Sammarone is a visual artist and independent researcher, based in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Her practice encompasses drawing, photography, vídeo and texts, where time, duration, randomness, repetition, unpredictability, and chance always permeate her works. She exhibits her
art at galleries throughout Brazil and internationally.