Rapid change creates an instinctive need for us to put up walls – walls of separation between us and others, walls between our internal and external selves, walls between nations. Co-a-lism presents ten artists from seven countries, who employ a wide variety of media to merge divergent viewpoints, materials, and backgrounds. The exhibition challenges the artists’ ability to resolve individual artistic explorations while at the same time seeks to offer moments of coalescence.

    The artists of co-a-lism are motivated to go beyond walls and borders, both external and internal, to explore intersections and overlaps – coalescence – believing in the on-going importance of human connection across boundaries.

    Artists coalescing across boundaries. A range of media: oil, video, acrylic, photography, miniature painting, charcoal, printmaking, collage, dance, writing. The poetics of the epistolary, unearthing atrocities, survivance in gold leaf. The porous body, reconstructed geneologies, breathing with light. Revisiting childhood, rewriting temporality. Chance and process, veils and latent memories.

    Coalescence fascilitated by Transart Institute




    George Angelovski

    “the discovery of a universe came next—you discerned and wove together constellations of content (themes) and form (practices) to make a world. it is a gritty, visceral world, and it’s lovely in all ways– it speaks of complete cycles of organic life: collecting and retaining transformed to expulsion, death and mourning transformed to reBirth.” — lisa jarnot

    Between 2015 and 2018 george worked on opening two series of “try-works”, Burial without funerals (Bwf) and suBconscious fat, dedicated to the creating and to making writings, drawings, photographic artworks, sculpture and performance. individual “try-works” include alternative processes of material and media, integrated as personal exorcisms that rests somewhere in strange figurations expressing identity. george angelovski is a photographer and artist. he earned his mfa with concentration in photography from transart institute for creative research (2018) and B.des graphic design from swinBurne university (1999).


    Rachel Epp Buller

    (US) is a feminist, printmaker, book artist, art historian, university professor, and mother of three. Her artistic, written, and curatorial work addresses these intersections, focusing on the maternal body and feminist care in contemporary art contexts.


    Ayesha Durrani

    is a leading international, contemporary miniature painter. Her work raises issues of gender and female identity in her cultural context, and has been displayed in over forty international exhibitions and art fairs. Besides eminent private collections, her work is on permanent display in leading museums and galleries including Fakuka Asian art museum Japan. She lives and works in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and is Assistant Professor at the National College of Arts.


    Ira Hoffecker

    is a German-Canadian artist practicing in Victoria, Canada. She has shown her work in solo, duo and group exhibitions in England, Canada, and Germany, winning various prizes for her painting and video work, including shortlist for the John Moores Painting Prize and the Liverpool Biennial 2016, Nomination for Best Documentary at the Back in the Box Competition 2017 in Los Angeles, and Official Selections at both the Manchester Film Fest and German United Film Festival in 2018.


    Louis Laberge-Côté

    is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and rehearsal director based in Toronto, Canada. He has danced nationally and internationally with over thirty companies, has created over eighty choreographic works, and has recently been appointed Assistant Professor of Dance
    at Ryerson University.


    Julia Olson

    spent most of her adult life in San Francisco where she had a successful career as an internationally published illustrator under the name Julie Johnson. After moving to Saudi Arabia to teach fashion design at an all-women university, she began pursuing an
    MFA to expand her creative practice and process her experiences living abroad. Her current body of work has been inspired by time spent in Saudi Arabia, Greece, Morocco, and Oman.


    Derek Owens

    is professor of English and Director of the Writing Center at St. John’s University, New York (US).  He is the author of Memory’s Wake and several books on composition pedagogy; information on his art, writing, and teaching can be found at


    JoMichelle Piper

    is a visual storyteller with a fascination for light in dark and breath as air caught in the global calligraphy of wind. An ever changing mind woven into a walking microbiome of symbiotic evolution, and breath…the embodiment of 200,000 years of human history and breathing and wandering around the planet, who also makes art, and teaches, and cares for a new human.



    Malvina Sammarone 

    is a visual artist and independent researcher, based in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Her practice encompasses drawing, photography, vídeo and texts, where time, duration, randomness, repetition, unpredictability, and chance always permeate her works. She exhibits her art at galleries throughout Brazil and internationally.


    Jay Sullivan

    (US) studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. He seeks to understand a limiting emotional or psychological barrier within himself and then create a creative process that helps him go beyond those limitations. The creative process and its resulting effect upon the artist is the core of his work.