JoMichelle Piper

I draw in dark and light and air as breath.
My drawings often seem dark.
Unintentionally dark.
I am drawn to darkness because it distorts the edges.
Removes boundaries.
Shrouds space in mystery.
Glimpses of light are seen in the dark.
Flashes of insight.
Creation happens in the darkness of the unknown.
Curiosity is sparked in shadows.
Light is mesmerising in the dark.
I have an affinity for the visual uncertainties of darkness.
Arctic winters.
Frozen deserts.
Desolate landscapes.
Indigo air.
Midnight black.
Black as a form of absence and presence.
Black that is humid and damp.
Black that waits for a single thread of light to weave a wandering
story of walking.
Breathing black air.
Air that carries sound, and words and thoughts into words.
Air as breath connects us across time and space.
Air carries the ghosts of our past.
The breaths of the dead still float and breathe between us.In the darkness of the unknown.


Jo+Michelle Piper is a visual storyteller with a fascination for light in dark and breath as air caught in the global calligraphy of wind. An ever changing mind woven into a walking microbiome of symbiotic evolution, and breath…the embodiment of 200,000 years of human history and breathing and wandering around the planet,who also makes art, and teaches, and cares for a new human.